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The Social Good of Bubbles – Part II

Written by Tiffanie Bederman (LinkedIn profile) In my last post I discussed the need for a concrete definition of “bubble” if we’re to use the concept for trading/investing (as opposed to cocktail party hyperbole) and listed a few famous bubbles. These so-called bubbles (here I’m using the term to imply a rapid increase in price […]

The Social Good of Bubbles – Part I

Written by Tiffanie Bederman (LinkedIn profile) Dot Com Stocks. Tulips. Beanie Babies. Railway Mania. Cryptocurrencies. Canadian Cannabis Stocks*. Credit. Stocks. Did the bubble just pop? Where are we going (and who’s driving this bus)? The word “bubble” gets thrown around a lot but not a lot of people have a good, working definition of what exactly […]

2017 in Review

Happy New Year, hope you had a good holiday. A few questions for 2018: Will equities continue to rally? Similarly, will the yield curve invert and herald the next recession? Whatever happened to inflation? What forces will dominate oil prices in the upcoming year – Saudia Arabia/OPEC, shale production, alternative energy, or something else? What […]

How you can trade bitcoin futures (in the US)

When bitcoin futures began trading, Interactive Brokers clients looking to short the cryptocurrency quickly realized that the platform didn’t allow shorting of bitcoin futures*: In fact, only three retail brokerages (available to the general public) seem to allow trading of the CBOE bitcoin futures at all. When the futures officially opened for regular trading hours […]

Bantix Adds Bitcoin Trading Analytics Capabilities to QuikStrike

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   CHICAGO, IL, USA – 12 December 2017  Bantix Technologies, the industry leader in futures and options analytics, announced Tuesday that it will expand its trading analysis capabilities in QuikStrike to include cryptocurrencies. The new features will launch on December 17th, 2017 coinciding with the initial listing of bitcoin futures at […]

Feature Highlight: Economic Calendar

To access QuikStrike’s Economic Calendar, login to QuikStrike, click on QuikTools in the upper right hand corner and click on Economic Calendar:   This will bring up the economic calendar. You can change the timeframe in the top-center of the window. Available options are Today, This Week, Next Week, One Week, and One Month.

What Comes After Bitcoin Futures?

CBOE and CME are both listing Bitcoin futures products in the upcoming couple of weeks (see below for a few differences or go to our blog post for a more robust contract comparison and how to view bitcoin in QuikStrike). Established exchanges are better positioned to handle large volumes of trading like those that have presumable hobbled the […]

Bitcoin Futures: CBOE vs CME

The following table is a consolidation of the best information we have at the time of writing, please consult the relevant exchanges for official specifications and updates.   CBOE CME Trading Starts 5pm CT Sunday Dec 10th, 2017 5pm CT Sunday Dec 17th, 2017 Ticker XBT BTC Settlement Cash Settled Cash Settled Price Quote Currency […]

Bitcoin in QuikStrike

Did you know you can view Bitcoin in QuikStrike? Under the Benchmark Summary section click on “BRTI Chart” in the left hand navigation: BRTI – CME CF Bitcoin Real Time Index An intraday (updated continuously), USD denominated reference rate for Bitcoin transactions calculated from consolidated order book data rather than trade prices. Similar to a […]

Understanding Volatility Cones

Volatility cones can be a powerful tool for options analysis but many traders don’t know how to use them. They normalize ATM (at-the-money) volatility curves based on the number of days to expiration. This gives you the ability to quickly and accurately assess a contract’s volatility level related to where recent contracts have traded given […]